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In what is believed to be the first-ever Philippine law prohibiting cussing in public, the City of Baguio has promulgated an ordinance that would make it illegal to utter profanities — not even as a manifestation of anger, or as a result of being surprised — in local schools as well as in business establishments that cater to children and teens.
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There's a scene in the 2014 film “César Chavez” where a group of Filipino farm workers gather in a labor camp and fill the night sky with cries of protest. It's a palpable call for justice in the face of violence, but one of the few times in the hour-and-a-half movie where Filipinos are shown on screen.
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The recent spate of suicides by American celebrities started to be highlighted in 2014 when comedian Robin Williams ended his life. He’d made a career of making folks laugh. When he died, Filipinos noted that one of his wives was the daughter of a Cebuano immigrant to the U.S.
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In my extended trips to the Philippines, I am constantly reminded to take care (“mag-Ingat”), to stay alert, be wary of my surroundings, to watch out and beware of others. I’ve been conditioned to never trust anyone, and that every Tom, Dick, and Harry (in our case, Pedro, Juan, and Maria) is out to exploit everyone else! I have always ignored those warnings and never regretted that decision.
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Indeed, when used wisely, words can bring forth countless benefits – it can educate, it can bridge distance and time, it can entertain, and it can influence. Wordsmiths, therefore, hold great power in influencing people. Whatever they pen about can either pacify a nation or create chaos. That is how powerful communication is.
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A country’s synopsis of gallantry and independence is clearly depicted in its national anthem. The national anthem of a sovereign state or nation is simply described in general, as a nationalistic musical composition which basically chronicles the history, long struggles and colorful traditions of its beloved people. In addition, a national hymn is duly recognized by law, its government, or a certain convention mandating its official use by the natural born citizens of a given country.
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