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Traditionally, historically (and for all the wrong reasons), professional kitchens have been a man’s game. But times change, and so has the industry. Now, women restaurateurs, chefs, front-of-the-house pros and food artisans are reimagining the way we eat. Here’s how they’re navigating the food scene. And here’s how they’re making an impact.
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Jim Watkins is a retired US Army man who moved to the Philippines and got married. This article gives a good insight in the life of a random expat who moved to the Philippines and started a new life. Eventually he got world attention because of his infamous creation: the 8chan website. This is not the whole article. Only the part about his new life in Manila.
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Published on 21/09/2019 by Puerto Parrot
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With a little startup capital and a coffee grinding machine from the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (Opapp), a group of young residents of Marawi, a city that has been slowly recovering from the devastation brought about by the 2017 siege by Islamist militants, started producing and selling coffee last year.
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Published on 28/08/2019 by Puerto Parrot
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Spanish and American colonial eras influenced the earlier Philippine breakfast. During those centuries, innovations in kitchen stoves and ovens occurred globally. Lighting the day’s first cooking fire in the predawn light was demanding. With wood or coconut husk as fuel, the kalan (woodfire stove) system was surely more time consuming than turning the knob on a recently invented gas or electric stove that even had an oven for baking built into it.
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Published on 01/08/2019 by Papagei
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People have taken waking up in the morning on a whole new level. Apparently, opening your eyes for the first time requires a great deal of responsibility and is a shining badge of honor because “woke” is not just the past tense of wake. You will never use the word “woke” the same way again after knowing what it means and where it came from.
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Published on 16/07/2019 by Papagei
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Pakikipagkapwa-tao means relating to someone else as a fellow human being. Filipinos most evidently exemplify pakikipagkapwa-tao through the practices of bayanihan and the ‘boodle fight’. The former is more widely done in rural areas of the country. When one person needs to accomplish a task (such as moving house) for example, the whole community pitches in to help – no questions asked.
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Published on 28/04/2019 by Papagei
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