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There's a scene in the 2014 film “César Chavez” where a group of Filipino farm workers gather in a labor camp and fill the night sky with cries of protest. It's a palpable call for justice in the face of violence, but one of the few times in the hour-and-a-half movie where Filipinos are shown on screen.
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Our group’s kayak guide Jeremy allowed us to bask in the stillness before he pointed out the century-old mangroves that had withstood many a typhoon. He shared the names of some mangroves, including some of the species like pagatpat whose branches would light up with fireflies later that night.
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Notices were send to Tina’s Sunset Cottages, Restaurant & Dive Center, Ocean Dream Lodge, Paradise Dive Zone Resort, Corp., Pink & Black Lodging House, Montani Beach Resort, Sabang Inn, Sabang Divers, Mangosteen Restaurant , Dive Dojo, Mermaid Resort Charletan, Inc., Modem Development Company Inc., Captn Gregg, Eddie’s Place Bar & Restautant, Marginor Diner & Snack, and I Dive at Casa Mia.
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The Philippines’ ecological nature is truly blessed by God. Well, it is simply because of the inherent beauty and wonders of one of the country’s finest tourist attraction, dubbed as Apo Island. This one of a kind and truly mesmerizing archipelago is inherently a volcanic island, which is actually 12 hectares with respect to its total land area.
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The show starts early in the morning. That’s when the spinners break out of the silvery bay of Bais, others chasing alongside our dive boat. We yelp and scream and lie flat on the bow to see them closer, these wonderful dolphins we’ve come for.
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As we enter a new era of political uncertainty and volatility – both in the U.S. and the Philippines – many issues command our attention: the widening gulf between rich and poor; the rising death toll in a violent anti-drug war; the threatened curtailment of even modest gains in immigrant rights or healthcare access.
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Filipinos have long had a special relationship with the Hawaiian Islands. Maybe it’s the lush plants and stunning seascape, or the vibrant intermixing of cultures that reminds us of home. Or it could be the strong historical ties that come from the thousands of plantation workers who migrated in the early 1900s, paving the way for future generations.
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