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MANILA, Philippines – Smart Communications said its subscribers may experience slow internet due to a damaged undersea cable link to Hong Kong. In an advisory posted on Facebook early Tuesday evening, May 1, the telecommunications giant said there may be a slowdown "from time to time when accessing certain sites and apps like Facebook, Google, and Netflix."
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But stories of pilot drunkenness, rants, fights and distraction, however rare, are reminders that pilots are only human. Not every plane can be flown by a disaster-averting pilot, like Southwest Captain Tammie Jo Shults or Captain. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. But software could change that, equipping every plane with an extremely experienced guidance system that is always learning more.
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This is a stereo card (or stereograph) featuring Filipino Scouts in Theodore Roosevelt’s inaugural parade, March 4, 1905. (US presidential inaugurations always took place on March 4 through 1933 then the 20th amendment moved the inauguration to January 20.) Because it is a stereo card, it appears as a three-dimensional image when viewed through a stereoscope.*
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Philippine Science Centrum (PSC) is a premier hands-on science center museum in the country recognized by the Department of Education, Department of Science and Technology and the Department of Tourism as an ideal venue for educational field trip destination where visitors are encouraged to touch, twist, play, hear, see the interactive exhibits displayed.
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Bridges are important structures especially for an archipelago like the Philippines. It helps people reach their destination easily by land without spending much by traveling air or risky travel by water. In fact, bridges are also created to be a sign of boundaries of two places.
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The architecture of the Philippines reflects the country’s complex cultural identity. First colonized by Spain, then Japan and finally America, Filipinos joke that they spent 400 years in a convent, five in a prison camp, and 45 in Hollywood. This complexity finds its creative expression in the work of these six post-war architects, whose vision simultaneously captured the country’s history while looking towards the region’s future.
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Contrary to popular belief, the Philippines was inhabited by civilized and cultured people long before the Spaniards set foot in 1521.The theory that the early Filipinos were not merely passive recipients of trading goods and ideas but were also mediators and givers of such is backed up by a number of archeological and anthropological evidences. This was even recorded by the early chroniclers of Java, China, India and as far as Persia and Arabia.
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Photo-documentation of the walled city of Intramuros. It showcases the various aspects of the city from the fortifications, showing the various puertas or gateways to the ravelins and bulwarks and Fort Santiago, Manila’s Citadel along the Pasig River. It also highlights the numerous churches that graced Intramuros which made the city the area with most churches within a walled community.
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An Audio-Visual (AV) archive is a repository of audiovisual materials, i.e., film and video. A fully functional AV archive is engaged in acquiring and retrieving films from various sources to form the collection; preserving, and restoring, if necessary, the AV materials; making an inventory and catalogue of the collection; and providing access to it. The objective of an AV archive is to provide the means to enable a film to survive for the present and future generation.
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Architecture, as practiced in the Philippines during the Spanish era, was not by virtue of an academic title. There were no architectural schools in the country and the only architects with academic degrees were Spaniards. However, the first Filipino recorded architect was Felix Roxas y Arroyo of Binondo, Manila. The closest the Filipino could aspire to practice as an architect was as Maestro de Obras or Master Builder.
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The remarks of Australian senior trade commissioner to the Philippines Elodie Journet that it is possible to engage in sustainable and environment-friendly mining activities was a boost to mining industry players who have suffered a blow following the decision of Environment Secretary Gina Lopez to shut down the operations of 23 mining companies and cancel 75 mineral production sharing agreements.
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