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Traditionally, historically (and for all the wrong reasons), professional kitchens have been a man’s game. But times change, and so has the industry. Now, women restaurateurs, chefs, front-of-the-house pros and food artisans are reimagining the way we eat. Here’s how they’re navigating the food scene. And here’s how they’re making an impact.
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In 2005, the Philippines is the ninth largest sugar producer in the world and second largest sugar producer among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries, after Thailand, according to Food and Agriculture Organization. At least seventeen provinces of the Philippines have grown sugarcane, of which the two on Negros Island Region account for half of the nation's total production. As of crop year 2009-2010, 29 sugar mills are operational divided as follows: ...
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Published on 14/02/2018 by Papagei
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